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Nama Website/Aplikasi: standout
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Deskripsi Singkat Aplikasi: Social Media platform designed for communities to empowering community to the new level with encourage social movement and become part of solution to answer the social problem. “Standout” provide channel to express their aspirations, mobilize support, and invite stake holder to join and strive together.

“Standout” also presents with functionality for create communities, inviting members, organize communication relationship, create structure hierarchy, sharing aspiration/hope/petition, sharing vision/mission, news, photo, document, events, campaign and dialogues, to strengthen the community from the inside and influence other to the outside.

Nama Anggota Tim

Nama: M.I. Bintang Darusalam
Posisi: Business
Nama: Ali Bahrun Amik
Posisi: Developer
Nama: Firman Herdiansah
Posisi: Designer UI/UX