Info Aplikasi
Nama Produk/Aplikasi: Misterpart
URL Produk/Link download APK Aplikasi: http://www.misterpart.com
Deskripsi Singkat Aplikasi: Misterpart.com, is an industrial and technical Marketplace in Jakarta.

Besides the marketplace, we also provide the services to support the ecosystem, like the installation, fabrication, custom product, DIY product, utilizing used goods, job opportunities – where user can find available job for them, tender matchmaking, how-to-do-things / do-it-yourself tutorials in our social media through Youtube Channel, then we also provide technical / Industrial entrepreneurship – where we open a reseller for anybody who interests in industrial world and our mission is to spread the entrepreneurship spirits in Indonesia, to support the economy and also the Government’s program in 1000startup in Indonesia.

Basically we’re an industrial ecosystem marketplace. when we succeed grow the ecosystem, we’ll get the mutual effects.

Nama anggota tim yang membuat:
Nama: Robert
Posisi: CTO
Nama: Richard Tubagus
Posisi: CEO
Nama: Andi / Gangsar
Posisi: COO